Advanced Modeling of Air Quality

The Holloway Group at SAGE has over 20 years experience modeling weather, climate, emissions and air quality using state-of-the-art methods. We specialize in regional to continental scale simulation over the U.S., with a focus on win-win solutions of energy, air, health and climate. Primary modeling tools include the WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting Model), CMAQ (Community Multiscale Air Quality Model), BenMAP (Environmental Benefits Mapping and Analysis Program) and MEGAN (Model of Emissions of Gases and Aerosols from Nature) models. We also link our work with energy system models (e.g. MyPower, EPA AVERT, GridView), and transportation models (especially MOVES). We also regularly analyze model results from collaborating organizations, including the U.S. EPA.

Projects and Capacity:

  • Assessing "What If?" questions in energy usage with advanced air quality models. 
  • Publication on the air quality impacts of increased solar electricity

Atmospheric Environment: Abel et al., 2018



  • Publication on the air quality impacts of freight transport by rail vs. truck 

Environmental Science & Technology: Bickford et al., 2014


  • Developing new emission inventories to support policy-relevant air and health modeling. 
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  • Publication on power plant emissions under a warmer future climate 

Environmental Research Letters: Meier et al., 2017

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  • Publication on the health and air quality impacts of increased bicycle activity

Environmental Health Perspectives: Grabow et al., 2012


  • Integration of satellite data for air quality analysis. 
    • Using satellite data to evaluate photochemical grid models like CMAQ and CAMx. 
  • Publication on emission uncertainties and air quality modeling over India

Atmospheric Environment: Karambelas et al., 2017


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  • Publication on CMAQ evaluation with OMI NO2 over the United States

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