Using Satellite Data for Air Quality

The Holloway Group uses models and data from both ground-based monitors and satellites to solve health and air-quality problems, but many people don’t know the extent of what satellite data has to offer. Tracey Holloway, aside from heading up The Holloway Group, is also the Team Lead for the NASA-funded Health and Air Quality Applied Sciences Team (HAQAST). HAQAST is a collaborative team that works in partnership with public health and air quality agencies to use NASA data and tools for the public benefit:

To learn more about what satellite data is, how you might use it, and how to get started, navigate to HAQAST’s ‘Getting Started’ page. Once you’ve learned about whether satellite data might be useful to you, you can take the next step: learn how to download free NASA data. Find a tutorial here: also provides an extensive list of NASA tools to gather data and create plots, images, animated gifs, etc. The ‘Tools’ page lists each of these tools and ranks them based on their usability. There are online tutorials for two of the tools, NASA Worldview and Giovanni, and short tutorial videos that make these tools easier to use, understand, and access. These tools are fairly visual, and would be great to use for class projects and science outreach alike. Worldview is the best starting point for users new to satellite data, and is freely available online. Click here for the online Worldview tutorial, and click here to watch a short tutorial video. Giovanni is a web-based interface that allows users to interactively analyze gridded data online without having to download anything. Click here for the online Giovanni tutorial, and click here to watch a short tutorial video.

Finally, has general air quality and health education links, information on NASA ARSET training, links to the health and air quality community, and a glossary of commonly used air quality terms, for your reference.

All in all, provides great resources to help you learn about and utilize satellite data, in addition to learning about general health and air quality topics. This run-through of their resources should help you navigate the site and choose which tools might be the most useful for you.

By: Rhianna Miles & Daegan Miller