For nearly 15 years, the Holloway Group has been advancing cutting-edge research and applications related to air quality, energy, transportation, climate, and public health. Each project is designed to meet partner information needs and/or produce original research for publication in top journals. 

We welcome new partnerships where our research methods can advance real-world problems and solutions. Here’s what we can provide to collaborators and clients: 

  1. Data Assessment, Analysis and Visualization
  2. Advanced Modeling of Air Quality, Weather and Climate
  3. Advanced Modeling of the U.S. Electric Grid
  4. Training and Technical Review
  5. Preparation of Reports and Manuscripts

Data Assessment, Analysis and Visualization

Whether for the United States, countries around the world, or a global analysis, we regularly work with wide range of publicly available data sets to assess and analyze information, as well as provide data visualizations for your decision-making use.