Satellite Data for Air Quality and Health

Our team has expertise in the application of satellite data for air quality and public health analyses. Tracey Holloway is the Team Lead of the NASA Health and Air Quality Applied Sciences Team (HAQAST), and the HAQAST Communications staff - Daegan Miller and Rhianna Miles - are part of the Holloway Group at SAGE. Research and data analysis is conducted by senior researcher Monica Harkey, along with a vibrant team of graduate and undergraduate students. 

Projects and Capacity: 

  • Using satellite data to evaluate photochemical grid models like CMAQ and CAMx.

  • Publication on emission uncertainties and air quality modeling over India

Atmospheric Environment: Karambelas et al., 2017


  • Publication on CMAQ evaluation with OMI NO2 over the United States

Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres: Harkey et al., 2015


  • Providing gridded satellite data products and software.


  • Working with stakeholders to assess the usefulness of satellite data for new applications. 


  • Working with the City of San Antonio to compare trends in NO2 with ground-based measurements.

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