What We Do: Summary

The Holloway Group at SAGE has over 20 years experience modeling weather, climate, emissions and air quality using state-of-the-art methods. We specialize in regional to continental scale simulation over the U.S., with a focus on win-win solutions of energy, air, health and climate. We also link our work with energy system models and transportation models, and regularly analyze model results from collaborating organizations, including the U.S. EPA.

In addition, the Holloway Group has expertise in the application of satellite data for air quality and public health analyses. Tracey Holloway is the Team Lead of the NASA Health and Air Quality Applied Sciences Team (HAQAST), and the HAQAST Communications staff - Daegan Miller and Rhianna Miles - are part of the Holloway Group at SAGE. Research and data analysis is conducted by senior researcher Monica Harkey, along with a vibrant team of graduate and undergraduate students. 

The Holloway Group also focuses on outreach and engagement on air quality, and provides expert advice on energy and air quality. Each of our projects are designed to meet partner information needs and/or produce original research for publication in top journals. We welcome new partnerships where our research methods can advance real-world problems and solutions.